Sculling Rowboats

Whitehall Rowing & Sail has been building slide-seat ‘all water’ rowing/sculling boats for over 30 years!  Sleek, stable, elegant and virtually unsinkable rowboats. Thousands gain fitness benefits from regularly rowing our boats. A non-impact, whole-body workout that improves strength, flexibility & cardio fitness. Used to row in college? New to rowing?  Ready for a great boat? Call or email – share our passion!

Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™ sculling rowboat
Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14

The Whitehall Spirit®  “All Water” sculling boat is stable and seaworthy, perfect for rowing as a single scull, or if desired, with friends, children or the dog.
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Whitehall Spirit® Tango 17™ sculling rowboat
Whitehall Spirit® Tango 17

This two position rowing  scull enables couples or friends to row together and also rows well as a single. Both the Solo 14 and Tango 17 are built in  ultra tough copolymer and are virtually maintenance free.
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Whitehall Spirit® Classic Rowboats - Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14™ & Tango 17™ Sculling Rowboats
Classic Whitehall Spirit® Models

Whitehall Spirit® Classics are impeccably built in fiberglass, teak and bronze. These seaworthy boats perform beautifully in all conditions and always bring a smile of approval…
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We custom deliver in North America and ship worldwide.

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